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Transitions in Life

Life is not a steady state, Life Moves. When illness has reached a point that medical therapy, in it's current state, is not helping, transitions of care may be necessary. This decision is based on the person and support members' goals of care, options, and offers.

Transitions of Care requires a coordinated and confidential discussion. We will develop a learning plan, outlining current state, goals, options, and offers.

Transitions are a set of actions designed to ensure coordination and continuity. In Life we all have transitions. Critical, Acute and Chronic illness all have points of transition.

Sometimes illness reaches a transition point when medical therapy is no longer as effective in controlling the disease, you are in transition. Transitions need special attention, especially when medical therapy is no longer effective. 
Transitioning at end of therapy is a time of special discussion and planning. This is the time to take your life back into your control. Advanced care planning is the guidance you and your family need.​