• In-Person Rates:
  1.       First in –person meeting: $85.00/hr
  2.       Next in-person consultations are priced at                     $150.00/hr (Partial 30 minutes are priced as full           30 minutes, rounding to the nearest hour).
In Person Consultation
  • Mileage Rates:
  1.       ​​​​SecondOpinionPhD LLC personnel Driving to                 Meeting are charged by the mile at the Federal             mileage rate (set annually) currently 54 cents per         mile (IR-2015-137, Dec.17, 2015)

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  • Fees:
  1.      First Phone conversation:  $50.00/hr
  2.      Next phone conversations are priced at $35.00            each half hour (Partial 30 minutes are priced as            full 30 minutes, rounding to the nearest hour). 
Telephone Consult



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Personal Information

In order for me to get a better understanding of your needs and wants, I need some information. Complete the attached forms and upload them to my safe and secure website repository. I will review, research and pre-plan for our discussion either by phone or face to face.  Appointment times to discuss your information, needs and plan will be individualized to both parties availability. Payment for visits, by phone or in-person prior to the first appointment. Invoices will be mailed or emailed to you in advance for monthly services. Payment is required within 10 days of receipt of invoice. Use my private Pay Pal account for prompt payment. MasterCard and Visa are accepted.​​​

Mileage to nearest mile used